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Expanding Access To Affordable Healthcare

Improving our healthcare system is a necessity for the quality of Oklahoman’s lives. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the magnitude of flaws in the system, and the danger those flaws pose. As a local pharmacist and pharmacy owner, Greg works directly with patients battling the unaffordability of pharmaceuticals that their lives are dependent on. So, he communicates with medical insurance companies, and is familiar with navigating the language and barriers used by these companies to make money off of the working and middle class.

Public Education

Oklahomans continue to call for greater educational funding, a call that continues to be overlooked by most of our legislature. Teachers and schools are meant to be safe spaces for children equipped with the resources for proactive approaches to address children who are struggling with learning, social, and personal challenges. When schools and teachers are underfunded and overworked, they cannot be as thorough in spotting these potential hazards and therefore might miss opportunities to intervene. Increasing school and teacher funding can alleviate some of the stressors placed on teachers, and allow them the space they need to protect our children.

Expanding The Safety Net For Our Most Vulnerable Children

As a volunteer CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for foster children, Greg works with the most vulnerable members of our community and knows how the government can minimize the challenges they face. Accessible healthcare and resources for teachers are two areas that can most effectively be utilized to protect children in Oklahoma.

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